UPDATE: Due to COVID facility closures, our weekly community classes are currently on hold. We will have pop-up classes during 2021 so stay connected!

Class is open to all ages and levels. First timers are always welcome to drop in. Classes are always accompanied by live and energetic African drumming.

What should I expect?

This exciting journey through African Drum and Dance includes:

  • A light improvisational warmup

  • Community circle to quickly introduce ourselves 

  • Explanation on the history of rhythm/dance 

  • Demonstration of movements on the dance floor

  • Line up in groups and take movement across the floor 

  • Community dance circle aka “Bantaba”

What should I wear? 

Please wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement and allows a full range of motion. (sweatpants, workout/yoga attire. Please no short and/or tight shorts, one pieces/onsies, revealing tops or bottoms)

Traditionally, women wear lappas (a printed skirt wrapped around the waist) and men wear jokotos- printed pants with a droop in the middle to support movement.

If you do not have one, that’s okay! We will provide you with information on how to get one if you decide to continue to be a part of our class community. 

Be prepared to dance barefoot as it is tradition in West African dance.