Want to be a part of Dallas African Dance Conference 2019 but can’t attend? Inspired by the cause and just feeling generous? We’re accepting donations!

Support the arts & culture by sponsoring underprivileged students and/or emerging artists to take any workshop(s) of choice. ($15 per workshop)

You can also:
-sponsor an entire workshop ($15 pp. Approx. 40 ppl)
-buy ticket(s) to raffle off for the showcase ($15 per ticket)
-purchase BK swag for community giveaways ($15 per item)
-contribute to our non-profit overall!

Your donations are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE as we are a 501(c)(3). You/your organization will receive social media and program recognition.

Share this with friends, family, community organizations and corporations. Every little bit counts!

Click here to donate!